Who we are

KoeN is a premium catalysis agency for Individuals and Organizations committed to radical transformation.

KoeN broadens the conventional scope of providing organizational and leadership development through its approach of engagement and contribution.

Every intervention is consultative, customized if required, and focused on sustainability of execution.

Value Proposition

We specialize in

Individual & Group Transformations through rigorous inquiries & mind-set shifts

Working at the core (Operating System) & bringing experiential awareness

Thereby, leading to Personal & Professional Excellence

Consultative & Customized workshops, Coaching & Action Learning. Sustained through Consulted Partnership

WHY koen

Organisations need to constantly solve their performance and growth challenges. In the fast changing environment, it becomes imperative that the associates develop capabilities faster than the “market”. This means that the “Leaders”
need to change – grow and develop, faster than those associates, and even faster than the growth of the organisation.

In other words, while the development of leaders for succession planning is given for an organisation, development of leaders at a rate faster than the organisation’s growth to create surplus leadership is critical.

It is so self evident, and still few organisations show up as Learning Organisations, and Change Management is always a challenge. While every organisation is aspiring to impact the Culture DNA, success is few and far. There is a simple
way out though; if one started by focusing on how learning is not happening, how it is getting sabotaged, and how it is being obstructed: deliberately, systemically or structurally. Once addressed, what needs to be done differently surfaces and creates its own sustained momentum till the last mile of change implementation.

After all, can there be anything better than a strong context and enhance awareness for kickstarting a profound shift?

Good organisations and great catalysts in those organisations relate with this intuitively.

If you identify with this, KoeN steps in as your catalysis ally. We specialise in L2L interventions, i.e., Learning to Learn. Our name for that is Os, the operating system. Operating system of an individual Leader, of a Team or Unit, and of the Organisation.

We always start with the Os. Or reach it. And build up on that.

It is reflected in everything that we do, our design, our approach, our execution and our support. That is the reason we always refer to ourselves as catalysts and allies

Our approach

Every engagement with you is a customized bouquet of:

  • Sponsor Interviews
  • Context invocation for Participant with observational shadowing
  • Experiential workshops
  • Supplementary learning
  • Action learning projects and reviews
  • Consulting Support for sponsors and stakeholders


… and unique offerings